Sunday, July 10, 2016

Are There Specific Treatments for Cocaine Addiction?

When you think of addiction treatments, you probably have a pretty good idea of what opiate treatment looks like because you have seen it in the movies a million times or you may know someone who has gone through it. But, stimulant addiction doesn’t readily conjure up a fully formed set of expectations and treatments. What treatment is offered to stimulant addicts? Is any of it specific to a cocaine addiction?

Yes, there is a model of therapy designed for stimulant addicts. But, don’t expect any medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration specifically for use with cocaine addiction. There aren’t any and the National Institute on Drug Abuse is currently funding research in this area.

Cocaine Addiction

In general, treatment centers cobble together medications and therapies used for other addictions and combine them in ways that make them applicable to cocaine addiction. This can make you feel like the methods and models are a bit undefined and detached from stimulant use. But, you needn’t worry; they aren’t.

The therapy model developed specifically to combat cocaine and stimulant abuse is called the Matrix Model and what follows is a detailed overview of this approach. If it sounds like something that could help you to recover from your cocaine addiction, you really should look for a rehab program that uses it. The best treatment program will be the one that meets your needs.

The Foundation of the Matrix Model

The Matrix Model, dating back to the 1980s, is relatively new when you compare it to Alcoholics Anonymous, which began in 1935, or the concept of sober housing, which extends back to the 1890s. And the reason for the more recent advent has to do with rehabilitation populations, who tended to be seeking help for alcohol addiction above all else. The methodologies designed for a predominantly alcoholic population simply didn’t work on cocaine abusers.

The addiction experts at the Matrix Institute began by pulling from an existing body of treatment models and methods. Through rigorous study, they isolated elements that were applicable to combatting cocaine addiction and combined them to form an interconnected model. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration identifies some of the components acquired: “elements of relapse prevention, cognitive–behavioral, psychoeducation, and family approaches, as well as 12-Step program support.”

The Matrix Model isn’t terribly simple; it is highly structured and contains a variety of components. However, participants should be reassured by the amount of information they will receive, and well as assistance forming a cocaine-free life and support in creating and maintaining a drug-free life.

The Therapist

Your therapist will be a key element of the matric model treatment approach. He or she will serve as both your coach and your teacher. Expect the therapist to use authentic, direct interactions to foster a relationship. Have no worries that they will be authoritative or parental; they won’t. Ideally, the pair of you will form a loving, positive bond that will enable you to make some positive life changes. Your self-esteem and your dignity will receive nurturing and support.  

The Counseling Sessions

Therapy will have a finite beginning and end, but you will have to attend several intensive sessions per week. Counseling extends for 16 weeks. Session are somewhat open-ended and they begin when you initially drop in and end when you have finished all of them. All treatments are outpatient, so you do not have to worry that you can only be served by inpatient care.

There are five different session types, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.
  • 3 sessions of individual/conjoint family counseling
  • 8 sessions of early recovery skills group counseling
  • 32 sessions of relapse prevention group counseling
  • 12 sessions of family education group counseling
  • 36 sessions of social support group counseling
On top of counseling, the matrix model will present you with information about support groups, time management, scheduling and other supports and life skills. You will also be regularly tested for drugs and alcohol.

Empirical testing has proven the Matrix Method to be an effective form of treatment for cocaine addicts.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration have both conducted research and the results were positive regarding this model of treatment. 

If the idea of a structured treatment for your cocaine addiction appeals to you, consider doing more research and locating a facility near you that offers the Matrix Method. It may be the model you need to succeed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cocaine Addiction: The Monster Drug

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is an unlawful drug which is classified as a stimulant. It's regularly distributed at the streets in a white powder form, and users chortle or inject the drug (combined with water) into their veins.  It may additionally come in a 'rock' formation which will also be smoked with a pipe, referred to as a 'crack pipe.' The powder model of cocaine is the most natural and most dear, while the rock model is far less expensive and usually mixed with different chemical compounds making it extremely dangerous- just like side road meth.

Cocaine works via increasing the degrees of dopamine or 'excitement' throughout the brain. The issue is that cocaine will save you the addict's natural dopamine from getting into the brain, and an addict will increase tolerance to the drug and use it an increasing number of continuously to achieve the 'high' or excitement. A cocaine addict can get very annoyed because they can not achieve the 'prime' they want, and they'll continue to make use of extra amounts of cocaine to take a look at and get their sense of delight again. 

A few signs of cocaine addiction are as follows:

-frequent nosebleeds
-the loss of a person's sense of smell
-irritability or 'jumpiness'
-major mood swings
-monetary problems (repeatedly desiring money)
-alertness and wakefulness for days
-sores within the mouth (mostly from smoking cocaine rocks or 'crack' cocaine)

Probably the most issues and headaches with cocaine habit are as follows:

-heart attacks, severe center considerations
-HIV or Hepatitis C via needle sharing/dirty needles
-brain injury
-lung concerns
-high blood power
-depression, nervousness

Cocaine addiction is the second one most not unusual form of drug dependency in the United States. Cocaine overdoses and complications accounted for 10% of all emergency room visits within the United States in 2015.  In 2010, the hospitals within the United States treated over 35,000 sufferers for heart problems together with center assaults as a result of cocaine abuse.  Cocaine addicts should be monitored through a physician at the same time as they detoxify from the drug, and will have to enter a rehabilitation heart to get correct pharmaceutical and psychological counseling to wean off of the drug.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cocaine Addiction Documentary

Drug addiction is quite harmful to mankind.  Ecstasy is sometimes used in conjunction with other drugs including marijuana, cocaine and different other substances.  During his years astray, he'd withered to 180 lbs due to his cocaine addiction. 
Usage of cocaine while pregnant can be damaging to the baby's health.  Here are certain physical symptoms linked to abuse of particular sorts of drugs.  An overdose may also be life-threatening sometimes. 

Binging is when somebody takes an enormous sum of the drug regularly in a short period of time.  The therapy can be classified into pharmacological and behavioral treatment.  I was also on a fixed morphine drip. 

Cocaine acts on the mind and is a very addictive drug.  Any type of drug abuse isn't just harmful for the addict, but in addition harmful for his family members and the whole society.  Basically, the only dissimilarity between heroin or cocaine addict is how the drug enters the system. 

Teenage tobacco use was linked to three key health risk behavior.  The broad spreading of the drug has gotten a lot more widespread within the last ten years or so.  The mixture of other medications, specially when used with alcohol could place the user at great danger of death.  There can be various reactions of the drug to various folks, conditioned upon the quantity of usage as well as the age of the individual.  Let's find out a number of the major unwanted side effects of cocaine usage. 

Addiction comes in various forms.  There are several more addictions an individual can suffer from.  Addiction can be a serious medical and mental problem this individual needs professional help with. These signs are typical symptoms in nearly all addictions including text addiction. Let's have a gander at the record of several types of addictions.  Addicts are known to change their mind about seeking qualified help inside a hour of earning the promise. 

People that are psychologically hooked on marijuana often allow it to define all their activities.  There are a number of techniques can help you escape drugs, and numerous other addictions.  It is quite hard to treat an individual for addiction, however it's not impossible. 
Love and sex are just two unique addictions.  You might not such as the fact your husband is addicted, but it's what it is.  Each one of these addictions cause destruction of someone's daily life. 

With alcohol you visit a pub and relish a drink in familiar surroundings with relatives and buddies.  Scary enough, perhaps, to allow them to steer clear of smoking for some time.  Though they could technically stop at any given time, and doing so wouldn't be physically dangerous (as it's with a few other substances), they may be still hooked on using marijuana for a crutch every single day. 

In case you are in severe withdrawal' you want to acquire medical care. With several other medications, like alcohol or painkillers, there are rather real and at times even dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can happen during the detox procedure.  But I'm proud to say I've been able to create many men and women endeavor to quit.